Soft2Run – a new star is born

The partnership between Spearhead AG and Soft2Run dates back to 2015 when a group of MBA colleagues were attending classes together. From talking to each other it was apparent that the approach to doing business was similar and the conversation developed. From one topic to another it was mentioned that an innovative idea has been born in Switzerland that would disrupt the automotive claims industry. All that was missing was turning this idea into reality. Luckily that turned into a perfect opportunity for collaboration – as Bulgaria continually ranks top in places to do business near shore and start ups are born every day.

A strong partnership was formed operating under a joint ownership legal entity where Spearhead would conceptualize the product and market it and the Soft2Run team of experienced developers were there to create, test and augment the tool that would soon hit the market. What seemed like a very bold idea had a fruition of a product ready to be used by individuals, fleet, leasing, assistance and insurance companies within a year and a half.

As of 2019 this continued strong partnership has resulted in both companies developing as partners – the Soft2Run team has continually grown and a solid part of it is dedicated to working with Spearhead. The team continues to develop and implement innovative solutions improving the product utilizing the latest industry trends - telematics, AI and machine learning, managed services among others. The solution is successful internationally with clients already using it in Switzerland, Austria and Germany and more to follow!

Soft2Run Assistant