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April 24, 2019

Project 5

Sed lobortis molestie vulputate. Duis nec urna ornare, fermentum nibh at, eleifend arcu. Vestibulum mi turpis, varius quis mollis a, pellentesque et ipsum. Curabitur vel placerat urna, at ultricies lorem. Pellentesque eget mauris hendrerit, lobortis tortor vel, congue ligula. Duis bibendum volutpat fringilla. Etiam suscipit leo ipsum, at rhoncus erat ornare eu. Nunc congue semper […]

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Project 4

Phasellus vitae tortor quam. Quisque eget elementum nibh, ut pretium justo. Nunc commodo dignissim gravida. Morbi in odio vitae turpis ornare auctor. Morbi tincidunt orci quis tincidunt sagittis. Proin tincidunt augue a urna vulputate, nec scelerisque justo aliquet. Quisque dignissim tempus tristique. Phasellus id tristique velit, vitae placerat ipsum. Suspendisse vel nunc nunc. Donec sed […]

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Project 3

Cras mollis sapien orci, facilisis porta ligula lacinia at. Aliquam vehicula lorem eget commodo fermentum. Sed laoreet sit amet elit quis semper. Nam at dolor nibh. Mauris efficitur accumsan cursus. Mauris ut mollis purus. Pellentesque eu metus sapien. Suspendisse suscipit tristique lobortis. Mauris ornare tristique ante, quis tempor augue mattis ac. Pellentesque venenatis sagittis ipsum […]

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Project 2

Mauris sed consequat mi. Sed finibus, dui ac aliquam viverra, ipsum massa finibus orci, quis bibendum nisl massa id ipsum. Praesent tincidunt egestas risus. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Morbi a nisi eu nisi finibus interdum. Praesent in erat ultricies, vehicula ipsum eu, ullamcorper mi. Maecenas varius […]

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Project 1

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi porttitor tincidunt velit pretium egestas. Pellentesque in scelerisque tellus, venenatis vestibulum magna. Nullam fringilla ligula eu elit consequat, sit amet interdum nisi semper. Quisque non molestie neque. Aliquam tempor turpis sit amet lacinia cursus. Ut tincidunt quis lectus vitae lobortis. Integer quis justo interdum, imperdiet ipsum […]

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Automatic scheduled data synchronization ….

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Spoted app brings a new way of taking pictures. Avoid awkward conversations with strangers in search for a good photo. Be yourself, enjoy the moment you are in and simply let others around you take photos of you and your friends. Feel the celebrity lifestyle and get your own personal photographer everywhere you go for a […]

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April 23, 2019

Next gen web interface design

Good typography will be key; small screens don’t have much room, and depend on clarity and ‘glance-ability’ to quickly convey critical information in the most effective manner. Problem Web design tools haven’t evolved at the rate web design trends have been shifting. Are we seriously still spending hours learning to hand-code new design trends that […]

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