Identity transfer and the rise of virtual surrealism

April 23, 2019

Next gen web interface design

Good typography will be key; small screens don’t have much room, and depend on clarity and ‘glance-ability’ to quickly convey critical information in the most effective manner.


Web design tools haven’t evolved at the rate web design trends have been shifting. Are we seriously still spending hours learning to hand-code new design trends that will die out before we master them?


Web design is an ever trending field and after two long decades of waiting, we finally have the tools we hoped for to bring our designs to life on multiple devices. This next generation of web design tool should versatile and enable web designers to bring out the stroke of genius we’ve been suppressing for far too long.


Sparrow is one of a kind template that makes it easy for web designers and developers to create complex layouts. Sparrow provides a fully modular css class based workflow from start to finish fully loaded with reusable elements and bootstrap 4 support.

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